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Japanese steel quality problems give us any warning

Nov 29, 2017

Japan Kobe steel fraud caused widespread concern, the so-called "neighborhood fire, self-examination stove," we should learn from. At the just-concluded 19th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that improving the quality of the supply system should be the main direction and the economic advantages of our economy should be significantly enhanced. A53 Seamless Steel Pipe ,As one of the important industrial raw materials industries in the steel industry, improving the quality of supply is an important goal of the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry. Specifically from the following three aspects:


1, strengthen enterprise system management


The key point of strengthening the management of the enterprise system is to strengthen the supervision of the management's performance. Products from production to testing, and then delivered to the customer, the entire process involves multiple quality inspection, whenever there is a tampering with the quality control certificate will be found in time. Therefore, it is obvious that Kobe Steel tampering with the data is the company's overall behavior. What matters most is that management has a problem. ASTM A106B /ASTM A 53B seamless steelpipe/seamless pipe/smls .

Therefore, to strengthen the institutional management of enterprises, the first priority should be to strengthen the management of the system management, the core is to strengthen the supervision of performance management. From system construction to system management, the Bank improved management decision-making transparency in all aspects and perfected the decision-making process, and even introduced a third party to step up supervision so that bad motives are stifled at the source. cheap black building materials a53 seamless steelpipe .At the same time, there is also a need to strengthen the management's awareness of social responsibility and compliance.


2, strengthen product quality control


Strengthen quality control call for craftsmanship. Over the years, Japan's manufacturing industry has a worldwide reputation and is closely related to its long-established craftsmanship. Kobe Steel to non-compliance of the product by tampering with the quality inspection data supply to customers, apparently artisan spirit, the lack of technical conscience.Hot Rolled Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe/tube Galvanized Stainless Iron Pipe .


China's iron and steel enterprises also need to lead the spirit of craftsmen, so that product quality to achieve "qualitative" leap. Hot Selling!!! 1-12m Oil And Gas Carbon SeamlessSteel Pipe For Sale .At present, many companies have begun to take action, galvanized pipe, seamless steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, spiral pipe quality manufacturer Junde Steel Company took to establish a typical, emphasis on personnel construction and incentives and other advanced means of product quality as the bottom line , The quality of life as a business.


3, to strengthen brand building


To strengthen brand building innovation and research should be in the high-end products as a breakthrough. The Kobe steel fraud, the products are many well-known brand users used in cars, aircraft, rockets and other components. The reason why these users have adopted KOBE for a long period of time is based on the brand's trust in Kobe Steel.


manufacturers pup joint and casing pipeline oil well seamless steel pipe .China's iron and steel enterprises to strengthen international brand building, so that domestic and foreign users fully trust China's steel products, you need to medium and high-end steel as a breakthrough, increase investment in key areas of research and development, accelerate the pace of innovation, as soon as possible to get rid of the imported products Rely on and occupy the international high-end steel market, just as China's high-speed rail going to the world, contribute to the upgrading of China's brand image.Oil and gas/building materials/hollow tube Carbon Seamless Steel pipe

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