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The next two to three years to capacity is still an important job of steel prices

Nov 28, 2017

The steel industry not only integrates the development of the times, but also shoulders the responsibility of going forward. In the past few years, the primary task of structural reform through the supply side will be to generate energy. In the next two years, the steel industry will continue to eliminate backward production capacity.Spiral welded steel pipe with API 5L GrB ,X42 to X80 is a popular goods in steel area .


1, continue to resolve backward production capacity


It is understood that starting from 2016, the country has set a target of de-capacitying steel by eliminating 100 million to 150 million tons of backward production capacity by 2020 and 65 million tons in 2016. If 50 million tons are to be completed in 2017, There will be no problem in reaching the 2020 goal.Junde steel pipe company can supply SSAW pipe in S235J2H and S355J2H .


According to the latest forecast of short-term steel demand from 2017 to 2018 released by the World Steel Association in October 2017, the global demand for steel will reach 1,622 million tons in 2017 and the global demand for steel in 2018 will reach 1,648 million tons. The demand for Chinese steel in 2017 766 million tons. In view of the continuous deepening of China's economic restructuring and intensive introduction of stringent environmental protection measures, it is difficult for China's steel demand to increase in 2018 year-on-year. ERW steel stock supplier Junde Steel will actively cooperate with the state to capacity-related work, and take practical actions to contribute to the healthy development of the steel industry.


2, multi-path boost to capacity


It is noteworthy that although the steel industry has achieved impressive results in terms of capacity reduction and structural adjustment, the output of crude steel is on the rise. Statistics show that in 2017 China's crude steel output will reach 837 million tons.As a good of supplier of SSAW steel pipe has third party inspection .


Experts believe that the main purpose of supply-side structural reform is to remove excess capacity to achieve capacity to clear, to capacity does not mean to go to production, but will not hinder the release of those high-quality production capacity. Junde steel pipe company have 8 SSAW welded pipe produce line .In recent days there are a number of steel blast furnace ignition.


In addition, mergers and acquisitions is also an important push to go production. Experts believe that, since the industrial policy provides a good soil, the market mechanism provides financial support, mergers and acquisitions and the reaction in the steel industry. If the internal can establish a virtuous circle mechanism, then, mergers and acquisitions in the steel industry is the trend direction.SSAW pipe producer and manufacturer with best quality and competitive price .

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