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China Steel Market Price Analysis And Trend 2017 08 28

Aug 28, 2017

Last week, domestic steel market price shocks strong, environmental protection, futures and billet continue to become the main force to support the spot trend. Most of the varieties of spot resources offer this week have a certain rise, but from the transaction side, the situation is only more general. However, from the cost point of view, most of the current production enterprises are holding prices on the market mentality, so even if the poor turnover, but in the case of high order costs, traders will not be too loose. In addition, as the market is about to enter in September, downstream demand for procurement units will begin to gradually release, the overall performance of the transaction or will be higher than the previous state. Comprehensive estimates, this week (2017.8.28-9.1) domestic steel market prices or high and volatile operation.

Economic stability is good, traffic investment high, the steel industry to pick up, steel prices increased profits, increased cost support, steel prices rise, stocks remain low, capacity to withdraw from the firm, futures up again, steel city continued on the red. Is expected this week (2017.8.28-9.1) domestic steel market will continue to rise.

The recent bureaucracy on the land to continue to take high pressure policy, the new discovery of some of the steel companies were banned; despite the recent domestic steel market prices rose a larger, the current domestic steel market Inventory continued low volatility, steel orders sufficient, the downstream is about to enter the September season, the tight supply of resources is still expected. Is expected this week (2017.8.28-9.1) domestic steel market prices will continue to shock rise.

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