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Junde Steel Pipe : Seamless Steel Pipe,LSAW Pipe,ERW Pipe,SSAW Pipe Price 2017 06 20

Jun 20, 2017

Billet Comment: tonight Tangshan Steel Market, although the gains, but the demand to follow up the slowdown, the overall adjustment of the situation gradually. Specifically, by the early opening of futures opened higher than yesterday's steel market performance is more affected, this morning billet spot quotations continue to be reported, it is learned that 3280-3300 or so low turnover. Although the downstream rolling material to open up the market, but after the overall poor performance, especially after the intraday futures diving lower, the overall trading atmosphere gradually faded, wait and see situation increased. However, due to the current tight billet resources, turnover without pressure, steel prices continue to run, the mainstream billet manufacturers continued up 20 to 3180 yuan / ton. In the short term, through the recent market trends can be seen in the cash resources tight and land near the final point of the background, the billet market price pattern is still strong, but the current terminal demand is limited, coupled with futures sometimes weak adjustment for the market Bring adverse effects, it is expected to show the recent billet market adjustment of the market. But Seamless Steel Pipe price rised and ERW pipe,LSAW Pipe, SSAW Pipe price rised some. 

The Billet price rised effect Seamless Steel Pipe price.estimate 2017 06 21 the seamless steel pipe price will be rised again. And today our company sale seamless steel pipe stock 12,000 Tons.

Strip Coils comment: This Tangshan area narrow Coils factory mainstream rose 20-40 yuan, with the futures weakened, the transaction was reduced yesterday. Broadband, Tangshan area leading steel mills 355mm series of steel with tax 3330 yuan, stable; Bazhou area dominated steel mills 355mm the following strip 3370 yuan factory, up 20. Market, East China, South China part of the offer to continue to make up 10-40 yuan, this wait and see attitude is strong, On the whole, the recent high turnover of resources is weak, while futures down to guide the market to slow down, but the upstream costs and low inventory to continue to support, is expected to strip prices tomorrow, narrowly finishing. 

The Strip Coils price effect ERW Pipe price. Today our ERW Pipe stock total about 15,000 Tons.

SSAW Pipe and LSAW Pipe price also rised today, And SSAW Pipe we have 8,000 Tons stock plate, but LSAW Pipe we have no any stock plate. delivery time will longer than Seamless Steel Pipe,ERW Pipe and SSAW Pipe.

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