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Junde Steel Pipe: Steel Trade Market Analysis 2017-07-24

Jul 24, 2017

My steel: On the whole, last week the domestic steel market prices continue to run strong. For the spot market, driven by the impact of futures and billet, the overall steel market prices continue to rise. However, from the actual feedback of the transaction situation, the majority of varieties up after the transaction is not good, so the price rise also formed a greater resistance. And the second half of the week, with the futures began to fall, the overall market operation is also unstable, some businesses in the hands of the resources held by the recent high-priced resources, so to reduce the risk of most of the callback or loose sales strategy. Comprehensive estimates, this week (2017.7.24-7.28) domestic steel market prices or mainly to shock consolidation.


Lange: steady economic growth, industrial production to speed up, solid fixed slightly slow, infrastructure investment to accelerate, manufacturing investment improved, real estate investment slowdown, the steel industry improved, steel profits soared, steel stocks continued to decline, A slight drop in production, supply pressure increased, futures to lighten up, lack of market confidence, cash adjustment has been. Is expected this week (2017.7.24-7.28) domestic steel market will shock down.


Steel home: the recent provinces and municipalities have announced the ban on steel and to the production capacity of the progress, according to the steel home website statistics, as of now, around the city has been announced to ban steel production capacity of 129 million tons (some provinces and cities to measure production capacity) Involving more than 500 companies to more than 2700 medium-frequency furnace furnace, the current market has a certain boost effect. From the current market, domestic crude steel hit a record high, steel mills continue to full production and market stocks continue to run low, etc., are reflected in the current domestic tight supply of steel tight situation has not changed; short-term capital market market volatility Change the price trend. Is expected this week (2017.7.24-7.28) domestic steel market prices in the short-term adjustment will continue to shock rise.


Tang and Song: the current market fundamentals did not change significantly, the price did not significantly lower the risk, mainly based on the following two aspects: First, there is no obvious contradiction between supply and demand, although the market supply in the slow increase in the state, did not break tight Balance state, demand is only a lack of stage. Second, this week, a slight increase in social inventory trend, to some extent bad part of the business mentality, but to see through the nature of the phenomenon, depends on the increase in the absolute amount of inventory and the total amount of the overall low relative. Third, the domestic leading steel mills continue to increase the ex-factory price policy, today's Shagang screw raised 220 yuan / ton, to further raise the cost of traders, so low-cost shipping will. Although the market is no systematic risk, but the spot price is also subject to a certain degree of inhibition, the need for steel with the demand for heavy volume, short-term market or to maintain a narrow range of consolidation pattern.

Cangzhou Junde Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd: last week, excellent economic data, beyond people's expectations, but also changed a lot of economic high before the low view. But the crude steel production also hit a new high (annualized 890 million tons), thread production hit a new high within three years, growth from negative to positive, make up to the vanadium plate, threaded social stock after 6 weeks of smooth Began to rise, the export decline increased, futures also fell sharply, while the spot fear of the phenomenon of high prices in various regions of the country appear ... the situation is homeopathy, prevention and control of risk and patience!

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