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Junde Steel Pipe: Steel Trade Market Analysis 2017-06-19

Jun 19, 2017

My steel: Although the domestic steel market prices strengthened last week. But in the actual transaction process, most of the varieties are low-cost resources can still be traded after the transaction blocked the situation, so in this regard for the price rise played a strong inhibitory effect. For the market outlook, the continued delivery of resources will inevitably lead to spot prices fall, but forced by the electronic disk and cost factors to drive the impact of the strong play a certain support for the spot, and with the actual performance of the transaction in general, the price or stability in a relatively high Of the level, but some want to ship the business operations to take more loosening of the way the shipping price, so the comprehensive forecast this week (2017.6.19-6.23) domestic steel market prices or to shock the main operation.


Lange: stable economic stability, steady growth in supply and demand, high investment in infrastructure, real estate investment return, crude steel Nissan decline, steel stocks continued to decline, the supply pressure to ease, futures frequent shocks, spot to follow the adjustment, steel market volatility remains the same. Is expected this week (2017.6.19-6.23) domestic steel market will shock consolidation.


Steel home: from the recent domestic steel market, steel production capacity to progress faster than expected, according to data released by the Development and Reform Commission, the current investigation found that the "land steel" production capacity has been discontinued, as of the end of May, the country has been reduced crude Steel production capacity of 42.39 million tons, the completion of the annual target task of 84.8%; by high profits to stimulate the construction of steel enterprises at full capacity, other companies are also converting construction steel, the market supply gradually loose, plate production supply pressure has slowed. It is expected that this week (2017.6.19-6.23) domestic steel market prices will show a strong trend of shock, plate trend is stronger than construction steel.


Tang Song: First, the current market fundamentals do not have a clear direction of the trend, the time in the off-season demand, coupled with the southern region of the rainy season, the demand is relatively slow release, the dealer is also a small amount of low-cost, mainly for the site Normal procurement-based, supply is more adequate, leading steel mills on the market in the normal state of shipment. Second, social stocks in a low position, traders in the hands of small inventory, low inventory on the market there is a certain support. Third, the current electric arc furnace is able to increase production is still an unknown topic, but from the current understanding of the situation, increase production or less than expected, so the problem of rebar or still exist, from the performance of the inventory can also be reflected. On the whole, the current market is supporting the low inventory, the price constraints are expected demand, short-term market or still in the shock consolidation pattern, the upper and lower range are not large.


Junde Steel Pipe: the biggest news in the near future is the Development and Reform Commission announced to complete the production capacity of 85%, when everyone waiting for the second half of a vigorous to the production capacity, tell us the end! At the same time all the steel has been closed! From last year to this year, the market has been relying on capacity to hit the land to support, so that each time the price does not exceed a month, once again prices continue to hit new high! This is a symbol of the moment, marking the activities of a hundred years gone away, the future changes in the characteristics of the market completely changed! From the recent state of the elements, the blast furnace operating rate back to high, more and more converter and scrap, the stock began to fall tangled, steel profits, financial constraints, and demand see soft, exports reduced by a quarter, futures forward Water serious ... the risk appeared! As the second half and even the first half of next year there is no supply side of the reform support, entirely by market regulation, this day we all over, so be careful to act, homeopathy for it!

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