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Junde Steel Pipe The Steel Trade Market Analysis 2017-06-05

Jun 05, 2017

My steel: As the postganglionic futures market performance is weak, and there are some loose billet, so most varieties of prices have come down. Second, during the pre-holiday prices, the market shipped faster, more demand in the early release, so the actual arrival of the market after the holiday performance is more general. In addition, due to the current arrival of relatively high cost of resource costs, and follow-up demand is also expected within the weak, so the face of the current situation businesses have some psychological preparation. On the whole, this week (2017.6.5-6.9) domestic steel market prices or weak to run the main.

Lange: the overall economy stabilized, the real economy is getting better, the steel industry to pick up, steel prices increased profits, crude steel rebound, stock slowdown, supply pressure increased, futures re-shock, the market confused, steel City Shock consolidation. Is expected this week (2017.6.5-6.9) domestic steel market will shock down.

Steel home: the recent domestic steel market to adjust the main shock, affecting the market factors more. Favorable factors First, China has completely banned the results of steel has been apparent on the steel market have some support; Second, the market continued to decline in inventory, construction steel inventories have been lower than the level of the same period last year, all kinds of plate stocks also continued to decline slightly, downstream industry demand Overall stable. Adverse factors are mainly reflected in the current strong financial supervision, market funds bearish face; followed by steel mills in a high level of profit, the market for high profits, especially steel construction, high profits can continue to doubt, but also market instability One of the factors. Overall, the current market long and short factors intertwined, is expected this week (2017.6.5-6.9) domestic steel market prices will continue to shock adjustment.

Tang and Song: June steel market pressure facing the main gathering point: 1, steel city of the traditional off-season, the demand is expected to fall; 2, the middle of the tight liquidity and the impact of the US interest rate expectations; 3, electric furnace production expectations; , Some of the participants in the current steel price "fear high" expected. On the whole, the latter part of the market will be in the pressure forward, waiting for the outbreak of conflict.

Junde Steel Pipe: the current market there are too many unstable factors: 1, steel profits are too high (especially building materials), it will lead to a new high steel production, but also led to China's foreign countries increased production. It will also lead to the progress of the state supply side reform, focusing on the fine-tuning, including the attitude of the electric arc furnace (as last year's coal mine 276 days working days to suspend the same). 2, plate prices and building materials price difference is too large, but also let the molten steel to the building materials flow, because the building materials production line is surplus. 3, rebar futures market forward contracts and spot gap is too large, the capital market fluctuations in the next few months will be very intense. How the market is difficult to determine the recent volatility, it is certain that the market supply and demand will gradually change the price, the price will evolve toward the rational direction ... ... this process may be very long, will be repeated, it is difficult to grasp. So, and upstream and downstream partners sound operation, mutual benefit is the best way. We can not go to risk gambling market, nor because the market fluctuations do nothing and lose the market.

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