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Life Of The Blood Vessels, Seamless Steel Pipe

May 19, 2017

The world of seamless steel pipes is unimaginable to all. Is unacceptable to all. It is because seamless steel pipe has a better resistance than ordinary steel pipe, so seamless steel pipe has become a life, the work of an indispensable object. Perhaps you do not have much attention, but seamless steel pipe exists in every place of your life, make your life more convenient, so that your work more quickly. Seamless steel pipe is undoubtedly a very good strength than the 15 steel slightly higher, very little quenching, no temper brittleness. Cold deformation plasticity is high, generally for bending, rolling, bending and hammer arch and other processing, arc welding and contact welding welding performance is good, gas welding, the thickness of the shape of the strict or complex shape of the workpiece prone to cracks. The machined cold drawn or normalized state is better than the annealed condition and is generally used to create high stresses and toughness requirements. Perennial to maintain inventory of about 10,000 tons, annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. The sale of products are the implementation of national standards for engineering, coal, textile pipes, this pipeline in the use of the various customers for their company to create a very good value. But also in the high pressure of this area is to allow customers to be satisfied, as many cities now have water pipes and natural gas pipeline are also used in seamless steel pipe. Seamless steel pipe for the city's urban infrastructure has made a great contribution, but also for the management of the factory and the need for high-pressure pipeline to make a contribution to the place.

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