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New Trend Of Iron And Steel Development - Combination Of Industry And Finance

Nov 09, 2017


2017 is the supply side of the structural reform of the deepening of the year, with technology-driven pioneer, integration of industry and financial innovation as the focus of the transformation and upgrading, began to become a new direction for the development of iron and steel enterprises.


At present, many outstanding iron and steel enterprises have begun to get involved in new materials, new technology and new product development and industrialization, and strive to explore the Internet, intelligent manufacturing and other new information integration technology, and the use of funds, bonds and futures and other financial instruments, Combined with the development of a new situation. Steel pipe one-stop service providers Junde Steel Pipe Company will actively promote the product technology and quality improvement, the production of seamless steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, spiral steel pipe, oil casing to become a pioneer in the market shine.


Experts pointed out that China's steel industry to work in accordance with the laws and regulations, to solve the hardships over the years, "the article steel" problem for the iron and steel enterprises to create a valuable opportunity for development. As a result, China's steel industry to continue to resolutely eliminate the determination of backward production capacity, continue to promote transformation and upgrading. Of course, China's steel industry has not yet made significant progress in leveraging work, the future still have a lot of work to be completed, to promote the integration of industry and trade to bear the brunt of


Specifically, the iron and steel industry, the overall idea of integration is based on "the development of finance on the basis of industry, in the financial platform to reconstruct the industry" as the guiding ideology to the iron and steel industry as the basis, through the development of financial industry, the establishment of futures risk management system , Targeted implementation of debt-equity swap and strengthen capital operation and other measures to promote industrial capital and financial capital integration, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises.


In the iron and steel industry to promote the development of iron and steel enterprises to promote the transformation and upgrading of the moment, the integration of production and financing as an important way for the transformation of iron and steel enterprises, worthy of the steel industry and enterprises to seriously study and treat. 

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