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Specification Of Steel Pipe

May 19, 2017

For example, steel pipe diameter of 108 seamless steel pipe, wall thickness of 5MM, with D108 * 5 said, plastic pipe is also used for outer diameter, such as De63, other such as reinforced concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe with DN , In the design drawings are generally used to represent the nominal diameter, nominal diameter is designed to manufacture and maintenance of the convenience of man-made a standard, but also more than the nominal diameter, is the name of the pipe.

The nominal diameter of the pipe and its inner diameter, the outer diameter is not equal, for example: nominal diameter of 100MM seamless steel pipe 102 * 5,108 * 5 and so on several, 108 for the pipe diameter, 5 pipe thickness , Therefore, the inner diameter of the steel pipe is 98MM, but it is not exactly equal to the difference between the wall thickness of the pipe minus twice the wall thickness, it can also be said that the nominal diameter is close to the inner diameter, but does not equal the diameter of a pipe diameter specification , In the design drawings to use the nominal diameter, the purpose is to be based on the nominal diameter can be determined pipe, pipe, valve, flange, gasket and other structural size and connection size, nominal diameter using symbol DN, if used in the design drawings Outside diameter, it should also make a pipe specification table, indicating the nominal diameter of a pipe, wall thickness.

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