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Steel Pipe Market Price Still Continue Raise In August

Aug 10, 2017

August domestic steel pipe market ushered in a good start, especially seamless market rally gratifying, three days of time prices rose 100 yuan / ton, straight seam welded pipe, galvanized pipe and other pipe prices temporarily stable, high prices, There are no signs of short-term. Market mentality is acceptable.


The reasons for the high price operation are:


Seamless tube market analysis point of view, first of all, the upstream tube market support strong, on the one hand pipe tight supply of resources, the seamless pipe enterprises mining volume is limited, on the other hand, in the case of tight pipe resources, Billet prices remain high, seamless pipe manufacturers cost is higher. Second, the beginning of June the seamless pipe companies to replace the natural gas equipment at the end of July to be completed.Third, due to the low supply of raw materials supply, the normal production and limited, seamless tube production is low, especially part of the specifications out of stock , The manufacturers inventory is always low. So prices have strong support.


Weld pipe market analysis, since the beginning of the market so far, the price has always been strong operation, the futures market, although some of the weak performance, but the upstream billet slightly affected, August 2 price drop 30 yuan / ton, but the strip spot market performance Strong, the main support factor is the supply of tight supply, the corresponding strong performance of the pipe market, although the ship has a certain weak, but the high price has a strong foundation, the tube factory inventory control is better, no pressure.


Late market point of view, the steel market is still the off-season is not very light market to the extreme, but continue to rise space is limited. Since June, straight seam welded pipe prices rose 460 yuan / ton, or 13.14%, or has been considerable, while in the off-season, the market with the basic business with the mining, no large-scale replenishment of the behavior, so the late price increases space is limited The Junde steel pipe as a seamless tube, spiral welded pipe, galvanized pipe, ERW pipe, straight seam pipe and other products of the outstanding manufacturing enterprises, that the off-season is still short still continue!


As a result , china's domestic welded pipe prices are expected to continue upward trend for august .

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