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Straight Seam Steel Pipe Pre-welding Common Problems Handling Measures

Apr 27, 2018

Straight seam steel pipe pre-welding common problems handling measures

1 wrong side.

This is the most common problem in pre-welding. The misalignment of the wrong side results in a direct degradation or scrapping of the steel pipe. Therefore, strict control over the amount of misalignment is required during pre-welding. Low Cost House Construction Material ERW Rectangular Steel Pipes and Tubes / Black Carbon Pipe ,When the entire root or half of the steel tube blank appears to be out of tolerance, it is generally due to: (1) Adjustment of the opening not in place (2) Inadequate adjustment of the gusset press roller (The circumferential angle of the press roller is incorrect, or the pipe blank The center line is the axis, the asymmetry of the left and right press rolls, or the radial extension of the opposite press rolls is not consistent, and there is no rounding; (3) The pre-bends are not pre-bent and the edges of the board are in a straight edge. When the head or tail of the tube blank is out of tolerance, it is generally due to: (1) The position of the entrance/exit roller path is not correct; (2) The center of the ring frame is not correct; FACOTORY DIRECTLY SELL ASTM A500 carbon ms erw steel square pipe made in China ,(3) The pressure of the stitch roll is not good , Individual pressure roller position deviation; (4) molding is not good (the height of the two sides of the pipe after forming is quite different; Good price en10217.1 astm / a135 / a795 galvanizedERW steel pipe from Junde Steel Pipe Company ,(5) open slot width is more than 150mm); (6) pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system.ASTM A53 Gr. B ERW schedule 40 black carbon steelpipe used for oil and gas pipeline

2 The back of the welding tumor, burn through.

The backside welds, if removed, are time consuming and affect the normal operation of the production process; they do not clear, affecting the internal weld welding and the tracking of the internal weld. Burning, affecting the quality of welding inside and outside, need to be filled. The reasons for the occurrence of backside welding and burn-through are generally (1) the joint is not tight, and the pressure in the hydraulic system may be too low; (2) the forming is not good, and the roundness deviation is large (3) The selection of the parameters of the pre-welding process is improper. Certain welding current and arc voltage must be matched with appropriate welding speed. Excessive line energy or too low welding speed can easily produce backside weld and burnout.

3 Stoma.

Pre-welded weld porosity leads to internal defects in internal and external welds. Pre-welded welds produce air holes, which are generally due to (1) poor quality of protective gas, such as containing moisture, insufficient pressure flow, etc.; (2) uneven gas hoods formed by partially blocked welding torches, and harmful gas stirring (3) ) There are rust, oil, etc. on the groove.MS ERW Welded Black Steel Pipe/Tube black carbon ERW steel pipe

4 poor weld formation.

Poor weld forming, affecting the sequence of internal and external weld tracking, affect the stability of the welding process, thus affecting the quality of welding. The formation of the weld seam is closely related to the energy of the wire.sch40 a53 ERW black seamless steel pipe/ tube astm a106 , The welding current and arc voltage are constant, the welding speed increases, the penetration depth and the weld width of the weld are reduced, and the welding seam is poorly formed. When pores are produced in the weld, poor weld formation is often also produced.

5 Splash.

In the pre-welding splash, it is easy to burn the surface or bevel of the steel pipe, and it is not easy to remove, thereby affecting the welding quality and the outer surface quality of the straight seam steel pipe. building material / hollow tube/metal / ERW Q345 Q235BERW black round  steel  welded pipe dn200,The reason for the splashing is mainly the protection of the gas composition or the wrong process parameters. The proportion of argon in the protective gas should be used.JIS G3445 Cold Drawn Seamless and ERW Tube DOMSteel Pipes For Machine Structural Purposes

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