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The State Of The Steel Industry To Make New Demands: A Qualitative Leap In The Product

Oct 31, 2017

Recently, the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on the conduct of quality improvement action guidance" was officially released. "Opinions" not only for medical equipment manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing and other industries put forward the quality requirements, but also to speed up the upgrading of domestic large aircraft, high-speed rail, nuclear power, engineering machinery, special equipment and other Chinese equipment, the quality of competitiveness. Therefore, the corresponding areas will put forward the new requirements of the quality of steel, "steel demand" in the "quality" to a new level.


According to the "Opinions" to promote the "China's economy into the quality of the times," "Made in China, China Construction, China Services, China's brand international competitiveness significantly enhanced," this goal, steel to continuously improve the quality to meet the downstream steel industry quality Lifting the standard, the upgrading of steel quality requirements.


Undeniably, the current domestic steel is still in the high-end steel shortage, the status of low-end steel excess. For example, China's low-end crude steel and rebar overcapacity, steel and special steel have to import from Japan and Germany. China's steel industry accounts for only 2.2% of world production, while Japan accounted for 70%. At present, China needs to import tens of millions of tons of steel per year. In the imported steel, the higher value-added coating board, cold-rolled sheet, medium-thick strip, alloy plate and electrical steel plate imports in the top 5. These varieties of imported steel are mainly used for large and very large transformers, high-end cars, high-end home appliances, wind power, nuclear power and other fields.


Which are spurring the iron and steel enterprises in accordance with the "opinions" of the objectives and requirements to meet the downstream steel industry to mention the quality of the new requirements of steel, comply with the downstream development of new trends in steel products, development and production of high-quality high-end steel, Such as thermal power steel, nuclear power steel, high-speed railway steel, high-strength car steel, high-grade power steel and tool and die steel, special large forging timber and other key steel varieties, million kilowatts of thermal power and nuclear power with thick plate and high pressure Boiler tubes, 250,000 KVA transformer with high magnetic induction low iron loss oriented silicon steel, and large aircraft landing gear with special high-strength steel, aircraft girders, skeleton steel.


"Opinions" made, caused by a number of outstanding steel and steel enterprises and a number of outstanding attention, Junde Steel said that steel products should be in product development, product quality assurance and enterprise development direction and other aspects of in-depth thinking, comprehensive force, really so seamless Steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, galvanized pipe, oil casing and other products on the quality of a new level.


In the future, we believe that the steel industry will continue to shoulder important social responsibility and glorious historical mission, to promote China's economy into the era of quality and make unremitting efforts.

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