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Internal and External Single Layer Epoxy Powder FBE Coating Pipe

Internal and External Single Layer Epoxy Powder FBE Coating Pipe

Within FBE coating is a new coating developed in recent years, the use of electrostatic spraying epoxy powder coated paint, a film. The coating is applied with a simple operation, clean, good impact resistance and bending performance coatings, and high temperature performance. Uses: widely used in oil pipelines, gas pipelines, heating pipes, water pipes.

Coal Tar Epoxy Anti Corrosion Coating Pipe

Coal Tar Epoxy Anti Corrosion Coating Pipe

Overview: coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion coating is made from the modified epoxy resin, polyamide resin, coal tar pitch, fillers and additives formulated. Features: full film tough, strong adhesion and chemical resistance with excellent corrosion resistance, outstanding water resistance, anti-microbial erosion. Coating structure: Pipeline corrosion adopts coal tar epoxy two-component room temperature curing coating, the glass cloth coat on the surface of steel so as to enhance corrosion. Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion coating are included general level, enhance corrosion level (a cloth three oil), particular strengthen anti-corrosion level (two-four oil cloth). Executive Standard: SY/T0447-96 GB50268-2008 Use: used in buried steel pipelines, water pipelines, sewage pipes and other pipe corrosion

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